Since 2001, has been dedicated to providing only the highest quality, traditionaly forged, battle ready, practice swords and training weapons for Roman, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Asian, Japanese and modern time reenactment societies and martial artists. We offer both steel and wooden practice swords that meet the safety requirements of most martial art schools and reenactment societies. We are proud to offer partner exclusive Japanese and European Swords and Armor from world renown forges like CAS Iberia / Hanwie Forge, Imperial Forge, ThaiTsuki Nihonto, Paul Chen and the Kaneie Forge. Working directly with differnt forges we are able to provide fully customizable European and Japanese swords and other practice and functional weapons to meet the needs of any martial artist. Please do not hestate to contact us to get a free estimate on your customized sword or weapon.

     With unsurpassed customer service, attention and experience, we have become the premier web based dealership committed to providing you with the finest swords, weapons, accessories and apparel on the market. All of our Japanese, Chinese, European, Martial Arts swords, weapons, armour and accessories have been chosen by us because of their quality of construction and craftsmanship then offered to you at our lowest possible price guaranteed, which is why we offer a 30 Day Return Policy.


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